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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What do the numbers all mean??

One of the things I have attributed my weight loss success to is logging my food. I've from day 1 always logged everything - the good bad and ugly. Doing so has helped me in MANY ways. Its' keeps me accountable, shown me where I could improve, it's taught me about nutrition, it's helped me control my portions and intake, and now it's helping me figure out just what it all means.....

I had a conversation today with good buddy on sparkpeople about calorie range goals and how we tend to obsess about staying with in the lines ~ but how firm are those lines and what happens if you go outside them momentarily or even for an extended period of time?

From day 1 on spark (September 25, 2008) my "spark range" goal has always been 1200-1550 calories per day. I did my best to stick to this most of the time, but have to admit that my weekends have always sort of been "free". Weekends have always been my biggest obstacle as far as controlling my intake. We're always on the go, out and about, or attending an event that seems to make controlling my calories extremely hard. Despite that though I always considered my range was 1200-1550 and increasing that goal was pretty scary to me until recently after talking to a few people I decided to explore the idea.

So I got to thinking today, with all my splurges what is my "real range"? At the end of the day just what range was I TRULY eating in and how did that effect my weight loss? One of the biggest problems with weight loss is there is so much guessing with it. So much trial and error to see what works for you specifically. When I first started this journey my dietician sister gave me a really good piece of advice and I think it is something EVERYONE could use in their own journey "Think of your calories as a weekly average, not individual days". Our bodies fluctuate so much day to day and our calories burned daily changes too. You may have a day where you eat more b/c your appetite is fierce due to some major calorie burning, and you'll have days where you are just not that hungry and your intake will be lower. Some days 1200 just wont cut it neither will 1500, and some days I struggle to get to 1200.

So I went back to through my log to day 1 (another benefit of logging) to see how my eating has effected my weight loss - and just WHAT IS the correlation? What I've found was kind of surprising:

Just to set some over all guidelines before I share the results my range goals were:
36,00-46,500 (30 day months) 37,200-48,050 (31 day months) monthly average
8,400-10,850 weekly average
1200-1550 calories per day
Fitness goal was to burn anywhere between 2000-4000 calories per week

September 2008:
(Didn't track b/c I started on 9/25/09) But I DID lose 3 pounds in those first 5 days

October 2008 (31 days):
Monthly Average: 41,111 (hit goal)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 1138-1468 (hit goal all 5 weeks)
Daily Average: 1326 (hit goal)
Calories Burned: 9063
Days Worked Out: 23
Pounds lost: 9

November 2008 (30 days):
Monthly Average: 43,336 (hit goal)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 1183-1543 (hit goal)
Daily Average: 1444 (hit goal)
Calories Burned: 15,102
Days Worked Out: 27
Pounds lost: 12

December 2008 (31 days)
Monthly Average: 38,916 (hit goal)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 993-1534 (hit goal - was actually too low one week)
Daily Average: 1255 (hit goal)
Calories Burned: 11,929
Days Worked Out: 20
Pounds lost: 10

January 2009 (31 days)
Monthly Average: 40,276 (hit goal)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 1211-1465 (hit goal)
Daily Average: 1299 (hit goal)
Calories Burned: 16,373
Days Worked Out:23
Pounds lost: 8

February 2009 (28 days GOAL was 33,600-43,400)
Monthly Average: 45,742 (OVER)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 1206-2166 (Hit goal two weeks, OVER two weeks)
Daily Average: 1634 (OVER)
Calories Burned: 9,705
Days Worked Out: 20
Pounds lost: 4

March 2009 (31 days)
Monthly Average: 45,498 (hit goal)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 1327-1664 (hit goal 4 weeks, Over 1)
Daily Average: 1468 (hit goal)
Calories Burned: 8,200
Days Worked Out: 22
Pounds lost: 7

April 2009 (30 days)
Monthly Average: 45,622 (hit goal)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 1145-1904 (hit goal 2 weeks, OVER 3 weeks)
Daily Average: 1520 (hit goal)
Calories Burned: 13,097
Days Worked Out: 24
Pounds lost: 5

May 2009 (31 days)
Monthly Average: 54,912 (OVER)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 1359-2297 (hit goal 2 weeks, OVER 3 weeks)
Daily Average: 1771 (OVER)
Calories Burned: 7,271
Days Worked Out: 11
Pounds lost: 2

June 2009 (30 days)
Monthly Average: 53,658 (OVER)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 976-2529 (UNDER 1 week, Hit Goal 2 weeks, OVER 2 weeks))
Daily Average: 1788 (OVER)
Calories Burned: 5,255
Days Worked Out: 8
Pounds lost: 2

July 2009 (31 days)
Monthly Average: 46,638 (hit goal)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 1149-1868 (hit goal 3 weeks, OVER 2 weeks))
Daily Average: 1504 (hit goal)
Calories Burned: 19,122
Days Worked Out: 21
Pounds lost: 6

August 2009 (31 days)
Monthly Average: 52,351 (OVER)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 1501-2566 (hit goal 3 weeks, OVER 2 weeks)
Daily Average: 1688 (OVER)
Calories Burned: 8,846
Days Worked Out: 13
Pounds lost: 4

September 2009 (30 days)
Monthly Average: 41,454 (hit goal)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 1027-1521 (UNDER 1 week, hit goal 4 weeks)
Daily Average: 1382 (hit goal)
Calories Burned: 11,364
Days Worked Out: 14
Pounds lost: 3

October 2009 (31 days)
Monthly Average: 51,252 (OVER)
Weekly Average: Ranged from 1202-2084 (hit goal 1 week, OVER 4 weeks)
Daily Average: 1653 (OVER)
Calories Burned: 13,520
Days Worked Out: 9
Pounds lost: 2

  • -Most weeks I stayed in line Mon - Thurs but had a hard time with low numbers on the weekends.
  • -With every spike or weekend indulgence I always snapped back to my range, even if it was short lived.
  • -The MAJORITY of months I was with in range (8 out of 13)
  • -Went OVER my goal of maintaining a 1200-1550 calorie daily average 5 out of 13 months.
  • -In the months I went OVER my calorie goals I still lost weight, the number of pounds lost were considerably lower though than the months I stayed on track. Feb 5lbs, May 2lbs, June 2lbs, Aug 4lbs, and Oct 2lbs.
  • -With the exception of September, each month I stayed with in my range I lost 5lbs or more
  • -Exercise had a significant impact on my weight loss. Months I made it to the gym more than 15 days yielded more pounds lost. It was the calories burned that varied widely I didn't necessarily lose more weight with higher calories burned.
  • -I managed to lose 22 pounds in the two months of the year the average American puts on 10 pounds (November & December)
  • -I didn't specifically look at food trends, but I'd venture to guess the months I stayed with in range I was sticking to a primarily healthy clean diet, and the months I went over I probably splurged more IE less healthy food and more binges -- which goes to show eating healthy DOES effect your weight and your weight loss efforts DUH right?!
  • -Even in months I lost a low # of pounds I still saw big results on my body -which backs up the significance of strength training. From Sept-October 09 I only lost 5 pounds but dropped a whole pant size.
  • -My worst months were months I had events like birthday or vacation where I found it really hard to get back to my normal routine after days of splurges.
  • -When I didn't like what the scale said or it refused to move I looked at measurements and clothing sizes and they were often more truthful than the scale.

What does this all mean for me??
Basically the reason I've been toying with upping my calories is basically peer pressure LOL. Not totally but I've had several people say to me I wasn't eating enough. So I thought okay I'll up my calories for a while and see if it makes a difference. I am burning a lot of calories (anywhere from 3000-4000 per week, working out 5-6 times) so maybe I need more food now that I'm at a lower weight (my body doesn't have the fat reserves it used to).   My weight loss progress has slowed over the last few months - while still losing I'm only losing 2-3lbs per month which hey a loss is still a loss I know, and the last 10 pounds they say are very stubborn - so this I'm not surprised by. But the big question is what do I keep my calories at???

After look at the facts a few things are clear. First I need to be more consistent. The weekend eating out binges have got to STOP! NOT eating out is not realistic for me, there are just too many scenarios where it truly is our only option SO the best thing I can do is just start making better choices when I do eat out. It seems that the range of 1200-1500 calories per day is working for me, while I have days at 1200 i have days that are higher (sometimes too high to balance them out) I've lost nearly 80 pounds so far with this goal (even if I didn't meet it 100% of the time). I may not be meeting the goal daily, but like my sister said my averages are realistic I think. The months I had the largest losses I maintained a daily average of anywhere from 1300-1550. This seems to be what my body responds to so like ANEWAMANDA says, "If it ain't broke don't fix it" LOL. Some people may argue that this is too low, but truly my intake does fluctuate. Some days my hunger is really there and I'll have 1600-1700 calories that day (I always listen to my body-it knows best), but the next few days I may stick with 1200-1400 so it averages out. I think if its quality food I'm eating too, that will certainly help the situation.

SO basically bottom line I like my plan, it's worked well for me, and the numbers support that so I think I'll stick with it for a while longer. 8 pounds to go to goal, I'm in the home stretch now! If I still haven't reached my goal by December 31st (1 pound a week weight loss) then perhaps I'll re-evaluate!

I know this was a lot of info and number crunching, but bottom line I think its vital for anyone who wants to lose weight to track their progress, and log their food. Looking back now at the times where I was not losing much or nothing at all, I was still making progress - even though it was hard to see it at the time. Now looking forward I know not to get discouraged b/c as long as I keep doing what I've been doing I'll get there eventually. It's been so helpful for me in so many ways to track everything, not just for reflection but in learning about myself. It sounds corny but my relationship with myself has improved because of it!

So to answer my own question just how important are the numbers?? To me they are VITAL - I respond best to a regimented, tracked, structured system that holds me accountable and that for me makes the best results. I know now that I'm down to the last 10 pounds or so its not so much about the weight, but how much I love myself and over all I love my self soooooooooo much more than I did a year ago! Its important for me not to get wrapped up in the last 10 pounds or over obsess too much because looking back at the old 210lb girl I used to be, she would have KILLED to be 160-150 pounds, here I've far surpassed that so everything else is just icing on the cake - and I know I'll eventually get to where I want to be, just gotta keep chugging along. The changes I've made not just physically but mentally and spiritually are monumental. I will continue to track the numbers but also as goals evolve I am going to focus on another number - body fat percentage :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

October 2009 Run Down and November 09 Goals


I honestly feel like just yesterday I was blogging about the end of September, and here I am reflecting on October, looking towards November. SHEESH I need a time machine to go back and get another shot at October! It was such a crazy busy event filled month just trying to think back is making my head spin!

Okay October!!! Here's How You Went:

Starting Weight October 1st: 135
Ending Weight October 31st: 133
Pounds Lost 2 emoticon

Calorie Goals:

Calories to Consume Goal: 37,200-48,050

Actual Calories Consumed: 51,252
(3,202 over high end goal) emoticon -- (but hey STILL managed to lose 2lbs! It just goes to show that even when you slip up, or things don't always go according to plan you can still get positive results)


Fitness Goals:

# of Days to Work Out GOAL: 23
Actual # Days Worked out: 9 (I told you it was a whirl wind month) emoticon

Calories Burned GOAL: 11,500
Actual Calories Burned: 13,513 emoticon emoticon 2,013 calories OVER goal!

Fitness Minutes Goal: 1,380
Actual Fitness Minutes: 1765 emoticon 385 mins OVER goal!


October Highlights and Lowlights:

1. HIGHLIGHT: This month was my 10 year HS reunion. What an awesome night it was - it felt great to attend with out the extra baggage - literally :)

2. LOWLIGHT: I had the swine flu this month. Not confirmed with a lab test or anything but was told but a few health professionals that's what it was. For all the hype the swine flu gets it wasn't all that bad as far as flu's go. I would actually take the swine flu over the stomach flu any day! BUT the sickness (whatever it was) had a pretty big effect on my work out regime. *but at least on a good note despite not even coming close to completing the # of work outs I aimed to complete in October, I still had a good month!

3. HIGHLIGHT: I purchased my first ever size 2s!!

4. LOWLIGHT: Our crazy dog jumped through a window in our home costing us a new window and him a nice wound! Thankfully he's all healed up now and hasn't destroyed anything else in the house (knock on wood)

5. HIGHLIGHT: I hiked the Grand Canyon! 31 miles in 2 days. Best experience OF MY LIFE TO DATE!! The 8,000 calories I burned on that adventure more than made up for the lack of fitness days!!

6. HIGHLIGHT: For the first time in 10 years I was able to fit into my high school prom dress and my Jeanie costume for Halloween

7. LOWLIGHT: Realizing my weakness for candy -- while inspecting my kids halloween candy I had over 600 calories of sugar!!! OY I need an intervention or some one needs to make my kids candy magically disappear LOL

NOVEMBER!!! Here's how your going to go:

Calories to Consume: 36,000-46,500
Calories to Burn: 7,500-9,500
# Days to Work Out: 15-19
Fitness Minutes: 900-1,140
Starting Weight November 1st: 133lbs
Goal Weight for November 30th: 130lbs
Pounds to Lose: 3

November Happenings:
Thanksgiving - November 26
In-laws come to visit for 9 days - November 14-22
5 year wedding anniversary - November 27
Book Club - November 5
Bunco - November 10
New Moon Movie Night - November 20
Girls Night Out - November 7


November Goals:
1. Stay with in calorie ranges
2. Increase water intake - 80-100oz per day
3. STAY AWAY from the Halloween candy
4. Get back to strength training - get my P90X back from my friend & start
5. Plan Meals Ahead, Shop Smart, & Pack Lunches Daily
6. Stay on track while in-laws are in town, preparing meals at home.
7. Stay on work out schedule while in-laws are in town
8. Make this Thanksgiving as good food wise as I did last year
9. To get enough sleep and stay healthy
10. To keep my sanity

Just like each month I'm committed to make it a GREAT one!

Happy November Everyone!! Make it GREAT you can do it!!!!

Remember "If your mind can conceive it your body can achieve it!"

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon 

Havasu Falls Grand Canyon Hike October 2009

The words AWESOME, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, BREATH TAKING, LIFE CHANGING, & INCREDIBLE don't come CLOSE to describing my experience. I'm not sure words really can. Be warned I took LOTS of pictures and I'm going to share them ALL with you :)! Seriously, anyone whose ever said "I want to hike the Grand Canyon some day" DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! It is such an experience words can't describe.

Thursday October 22nd:
We set out from home (Phoenix, AZ) at 5PM-Me, my husband Chris, my BFF Kris, and my nephew Brandon.

Everything we brought with us:

We made it to Flagstaff, AZ in record time (6:30PM) and grabbed dinner at the Beaver Street Brewery, a local hot spot. Knowing we were going to be hiking 11 miles the next day, none of us were shy about our calories.

Carbing it up at dinner

 Getting Psyched!!

After stuffing ourselves silly at dinner, we forged on to Williams, AZ where we stayed the night at the Motel 6. My brother Pat and his long time friend Steve met us there.


My GF Kris was having a hard time with her pack, we did our best to lighten her load, but she was stressing the weight.  She felt a lot better after re-organizing.

Friday October 23rd:
We got up about 6:30AM, geared up, and headed for some power breakfast at the famous Route 66 Diner.

after breakfast we forged onto the trail head with one stop in Seligman, Az.

It was about another 2.5 hours to the trail head (160 miles) and we we're getting pumped!! Kris needed a little energy boost :) 

Getting Closer only 60 more miles! 

The road to the Hualapai Hill Top 

 At the Hualapai Hill Top - 5200 ft elevation....Ready, Set......


And We're off... The first portion of the trail is steep switch backs.  In just 1.5 miles you descend nearly 1000 feet in elevation.  This part will be the hardest part of the trip BACK.  After the switch backs the journey down is a more gradual decline.  The entire hike down is 11 miles.  First we'll reach the Havasupai Village - which is 8.5 miles from the Hualapai Hill Top (Starting point), from the Village we'll travel another 2.5 miles to get to the Havasu Falls Campground.


at the bottom of the switch backs.

From here the trail starts out very level, but you slowly descend deeper into the Canyon - the landscape changes and soon your surrounded by towering rock walls and formations.  Its truly gorgeous down there! 


Getting Closer, after what seemed like forever - we were so happy to see this sign! 

From here the trail turns to find dirt - but its deep and like quick sand.  This is the last 2 miles to the Village and it feels like eternity as the sand sucks the life out of your legs.

 FINALLY the village!  The opportunity to rest for a while and grab a bite to eat at the cafe and most important TAKE OFF THE PACKS (for a little while anyway).  We made the 8.5 mile trek to the Village in 3.5 hours - not bad for our first time and for having 30 pounds extra on our backs.  Two members of our group made it down to the village in 2.5 hours!

 After a much appreciated rest & food in our bellies we put the packs back on (oooohhhh so hard to do) and headed another 2.5 miles to the Havasupai Campground which included more quick sand and some steep hills. This last little bit to the campground seemed to go on forever! We ran into some people who were out hiking and asked them how much further. They laughed and told us in reality it wasn't far, but for us it would probably feel extremely far! But not to worry because we were close! PHEW!! Then we turned a corner and gasped!!! The first waterfall: Navajo Falls. This is actually "NEW Navajo Falls". The old Navajo Falls was wiped out in the flood of August 08 and this new one was formed. Feet aching, back and shoulders hurting, none if it mattered from this point on b/c THAT was why we were there!! Just GORGEOUS!!

just a little bit further to the campground now til we can take off our packs (for at least a day or so) Just follow the signs: 

Not QUITE to the campground still, but you turn a corner and WHAM!!! HAVASU FALLS and it literally takes your breath AWAY!! (100 foot fall - over looking)

FINALLY to camp 4.5 hours total hiking time 11 miles! TA DA!!! WOW I felt sooo accomplished yet SOOO tired and sore!!! Taking that pack off was the greatest feeling ever! After recouping for a few minutes we set up camp and relaxed. Our camp was about half way through the campground right along side a creek. You actually had to cross a little make shift bridge to get to it and it was funny to watch all of us try it with our heavy packs on (balance isn't so great with 30lbs on your back LOL). The campground was very nice. The creek runs right through it so you sleep to sound of water rushing and don't hear anything else. There's a natural spring for your drinking water and even some pretty nice composting toilets. The campground runs through steep canyon walls so there's really no direct sunlight just shady trees and green!!!


the spring water pump - we all drank straight from this and no one got sick 

After some R&R it was dinner time. Our food was pretty basic mostly snacks, & things that could be boiled so we ate a lot of ramen and mac N cheese. A few other people brought MRE's which was pretty interesting.

Most of us stayed up way past the sun going down and sat around sharing stories, laughing our butts off well into the night. Camping wasn't quite the same with no camp fire BUT I'm glad they don't allow them because the stars were out of this world (literally and figuratively). I have NEVER in my life seen so many stars! It was once again, breath taking!

We finally called it a night and got the best sleep we could sleeping on rafts stiff as heck from hiking all day. We all woke up about 8am - had some breakfast and hung out for a little bit. My nephew brought freeze dried eggs which actually weren't half bad! I just had granola bars and fruit.

Kris and I decided to take a little walk in the early morning sun light to Mooney Falls which was just at the end of the campground about a half mile away. Once again, takes your breath away!! This water fall is 200 feet tall and the only way to access the bottom of it is to scale down the side of a cliff with nothing but rebar and chains! (we'll get to that soon). Kris and I just hung out at the top taking in all its beauty. What a great way to start your day!

This is the view you get walking through the campground to get to Mooney Falls. 

Mooney Falls (looking at from the Top)

After our little sneak peak at the falls we went back to camp to gather the rest of our group to attack the "Chain of Death" and explore more waterfalls. Stevie stayed behind so it was just Me, Kris, Chris, Pat & Brandon doing the exploring. The descent down to the bottom of Mooney Falls is basically a 200 foot climb down the side of a cliff. Nothing but chains, ladders, and rebar steaks to hold onto, and parts of it you actually have to climb through the mountain. This was a pretty spectacular but incredibly precarious and terrifying thing to do at the same time. With the spray from the waterfalls there are parts that are pretty wet, but over all if you take your time its not so bad. 

Once you conquere the "chain of death" its yet another breath taking sight. Starring up at the 200 foot water fall with the crystal blue pools below are nothing short of mesmerizing!! This waterfall was drastically changed in the flood, it used to separate into two waterfalls, but the force of the water blew out the formations at the top, so now it is just one waterfall, but still magnificent!

 After playing in the falls for a bit and taking in all its beauty, we decided to continue down stream to Beaver falls - which we were told was another 2-3 miles. Some of which you can't do unless you get in the water and walk down stream. Kris didn't want to get in the water so she stayed behind to hang out while we forged on. Chris my husband decided to take the creek the whole way - the rest of us decided to at least stay on dry land for what we could. Not always the BEST idea to separate from the group, but we'll go into that later.

Headed down stream - minus Chris, he's in the water

This is where we left Kris to cross the creek. We told her "Stay here we'll come back and get you on our way back" (famous last words to be continued)....

There are lost of paths you can take to head to Beaver falls. Most of the time you are crossing back and forth through the stream finding various paths on either side, what ever seems the best option at the time.

Low and behold, emerging from the mist like a dream THERE'S CHRIS!! He actually went down a few of those water falls and took the creek all the way down to us (about 1-2 miles)

it really was like a dream down there with all kinds of things to see and do. We ran into wild life LITERALLY feet away and found a rope swing!!

We ran into several groups of people along the way that were also on a mission to find Beaver falls but had no success. Several of them told us they went miles further with out success. Already having gone down stream 2 miles, and with Kris waiting for us we decided to turn back and go back to camp, skipping Beaver Falls. Note: There are many ways to go back to the falls, you can stay on ground, go through the creek, or a combo of both. We must have taking a different route back because we never found Kris. I figured she got bored and went back to camp. I told everyone not to worry lets just get back to camp "I'm sure she's there". So we hiked the 2 miles back to Mooney Falls, and climbed back up the "chain of death" (much easier to go UP I might add) and went back to camp. UH-OH Kris wasn't there! OH CRAP I just ditched my best friend in the Grand Canyon WHOOPS!! So after just hiking 6 miles I forged BACK through the campground, back down the chain of death, and back down stream trying to retrace my steps as best possible to find exactly where we left her. When I arrived at what I thought was the spot she wasn't there!! OH CRAP AGAIN!!! Then she comes out of the bushes haha!!! I was so happy to see her!! She was worried she had gotten left, but thankful I came back for her. We made the trek back (again for me) up stream, back up the Chain (AGAIN) and back to camp. Disaster avoided. By this time it was about 3:00 in the afternoon and we were famished!! So two packets of ramen, some trail mix, and fruit it was!! Its amazing how good it tastes when you're out in the wilderness!

We hung out the afternoon in the camp site, just taking it all in enjoying each others company. We had an earlier dinner (more mac N cheese and MRE's) and hit the hay about 8:00. The weather could not have been more perfect. At night it was probably mid 50's and during the day mid 70's. I was actually warm in my sleeping bag and tent! The water was cold at first but felt fantastic!

After a good 8 hours of sleep (as best you can sleep on an air raft) we woke up about 6:30 and started to pack up for the hike out. We left the campground about 7:30 am and set out for the village (2.5 miles away). Putting back on the packs were easier this time around. Even though my hips and shoulders were still tender from the hike down, there was a lot less in the pack so it was much lighter and manageable. The hike back to the Village was mostly up hill however so it was sort of a trade off. One the way out though, we got one more look at Havasu Falls and New Navajo Falls.

In an hour flat I made it to the village (2.5 miles). We grabbed breakfast at the Cafe, then paid the helichopter guy $20 to fly out our packs. Well all of us but my Brother and nephew who were up to the challenge of carrying out their own packs. I don't feel too bad about that decision, it was $20 well spent!! Pat & Brandon got a head start on us and took off.

Back at those dreaded switch backs from the beginning.  It surprisingly wasn't as hard as I expected it to be, though with the 30 pound pack I'm sure it would have been more of a challenge.
My cheering squad there at the top!

I made it!!

Chris fell behind but we cheered him on through the switch backs. I actually hiked about half way back down the switch backs to meet him and climb the last part with him! He did so great!

Getting to the car was the greatest sight because it meant FLIP FLOPS!!!! I had never been happier to take off a pair of shoes!! All of us walking around like penguins stiff and sore were certainly a sight LOL!! I only had one war wound a nice blister from my water shoes. That and some pretty bruised up toe nails!!

After packing up, we headed back down the hill to Flagstaff and Oreganos for dinner! Don't forget dessert - a bazookie!!!

We were all such a sight (and smell I might add) at the restaurant all waddling like penguins, barely able to stand up right. Every time we got up was a new sound or groan LOL. We all headed back down the hill from Flag and back home. We made it back to our house about 9:00 at night. My head hit the pillow at 9:30 and at 9:30 and 30 seconds i was OUT like a light!! Surprisingly enough, today I am not very sore, except my feet and toes, they are still a little tender. But other than that I feel amazing!!

From Hualapai Hill Top To Supai Village: 8.5 miles 3.5 hours 2072 calories
From Supai Village to Havasupai Campground: 2.5 miles 1 hour 744 calories
From Camp to Mooney Falls (Top): 1 mile 1 hour 275 calories
From Camp Down Chains, Down Stream, & Back to Camp: 6 miles 3 hours 1140 calories
From Camp Down Chains, Retrieve Kris, & Back to Camp: 2 miles 1 hour 610 calories
From Camp To Village: 2.5 miles 1 hour 800 calories
From Village to Hualapai Hill Top, Retrieve Chris, Back to Hill Top: 9 miles, 4 hours, 2327 calories

Miles Walked: 31
Calories Burned: 7968
Minutes of Exercise: 14.5 hours or 855 minutes
memories made: a MILLION

All in all the greatest experience to date in my life!! Also the most challenging and rewarding thing I've ever accomplished. I gotta say, if you had told me 14 months ago I'd be hiking the grand canyon I would have laughed so hard I would have cried. Formerly not able to climb a flight of stairs with out wanting to pass out, here I am hiking 31 miles in 2 days! So for everyone out there who doesn't think their dreams are possible -- THEY ABSOLUTELY ARE!!!! I could not have done it with out Spark and all the amazingly wonderful friends I've made on here who have cheered me on and picked me up when I was down. Now its time for the next great challenge - a tri-athatlon, and RIM TO RIM!

Update 10/29/09: 4 days post hike I'm wearing my knee brace -- seems as though all those miles took their toll on my formerly dislocated knee, it also looks as though I might lose one of my big toe nails OUCH!! Its aaaallllll worth it though!!!

Update 11/2/09: One week after returning I'm back into my normal routine hitting the gym tonight for lift class, knee brace is OFF feeling great and I DI D NOT lose my toe nail - it is bruised but I can actually wear closed toed shoes now.

Thanks for reading and looking!

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